Medical Billing Service – Queens New York

Technical Advantage Services offers a complete menu of medical billing solutions for the private physician and group practices. The options fall into two categories: full service and stand-alone.

The full service option, as the name denotes, is a complete revenue cycle management solution in which we bill all insurance claims, co-insurances, co-payments, and patient billing and hard money collections.

The stand-alone service package is available to those providers who only need help in one area of the practice. These stand-alone packages can cater to the billing of one specific insurer such as Medicaid, Medicare or Workers Compensation. It could also include only the handling and processing of collection accounts or credentialing of providers.

We understand that making changes to your billing department is very challenging and nerve racking, since it represents the very life blood of your business.

The wrong change can leave you worse off than you started, but the right one, can transform the quality of your professional and personal life immeasurably.

By contacting Technical Advantage, you can avoid a lot of pitfalls and commonly made mistakes. We have done this successfully many times, and are willing to share the lessons learned.

The first step is to meet with you to discuss solutions, at a time and location of your choice. The adequate care can be taken to explore your current needs in depth, and how we can best be of service

The second step is to provide you with a list of references that we strongly encourage you to contact. These providers can share a bit of their garnered wisdom in the billing transition process.

When the transition process is complete, you will experience a transformation on many levels, financial only being one of them. We guarantee it.



Through superior service, respect, professionalism and benefaction, our mission is to enrich the lives of everyone we come in contact with as well as our own.

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