Compliance Recovery Program

I called Technical Advantage and they demystified the MACRA/MIPS puzzle and secured me interim hardship waivers. I now have a compliance recovery program and the hope of continuing profitably in private practice

Staying Independent

I would have never been able to remain in private practice if it weren't for Technical Advantage

Committed for 5 years

I insisted on a 5 year service contract from Technical Advantage before my expansion

Saved from Medicaid

I had just hired Technical Advantage to do my billing after my in house biller retired. Two weeks later I was mailed a demand notice from Medicaid for work my in house biller was responsible for. They handled the issue even though it wasn't their fault and had Medicaid forgive the debt.

Lost wife and biller

My divorce left me without a biller and in a difficult position.  I was using Technical Advantage for some support help and requested they take control of the complete account.  In 2 weeks they were fully operational...   Disaster averted!

Biller quit… now what?

When my biller quit on a Monday via telephone message, Technical Advantage was in my office that Wednesday.  By the next Monday they were up and running.  My income has gone up 30% in the month since.

Medicaid audit?

I had Technical Advantage handle a NY Medicaid audit notice for 45K.  They reduced the sum to 30K and negotiated a payment plan.